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Two decades, sustainability + success in green building.

Driveway paver

3 things to consider when selecting the best driveway pavers material When contemplating the best pavers material for your driveway, usually asphalt and concrete are

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Outdoor sustainable green pavers

Outdoor Pavers guide

Have you heard about the new, sustainable pavers material on the block? ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is the perfect sustainable paving solution for outdoor pavements. Made

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In the News

Read about Black Locust Lumber and the notable international projects we have proudly contributed to. For media or press information please visit our contact page.

All about permeable black locust lumber

This course provides a short introduction to permeable exterior solutions for a sustainable and eco-friendly built environment. You will learn about materials, solutions available on the market. You will become familiar with the benefits of a permeable surface and its advantage compared to traditional options.

Product>pavers and decks that create cohesive outdoor spaces

Permeable pavers provide a level walking surface for outdoor areas while allowing stormwater to recharge the groundwater system. The pavers are locked in place on steel mesh with iron screws, and any filler, such as sand, soil, or stone, can be used to seal the ADA-compliant gaps.

Black Locust as sustainable choices in green building

It is hard not to notice the explicit signs of a global paradigm shift in the building industry. The shift towards sustainable building influences timber choice, too. Nonenvironmental, chemicallytreated wood is no longer a fancy option. Just as using endangered tropical woods is nolonger a sign of elegance. What is going to substitute these materials in modern sustainable architecture and landscaping?

Permeable Pavers™ - BLACK LOCUST LUMBER - Facility Management Product Release

The Roofline Permeable Wood Paver in the ProFlow Permeables line features a 40 percent overall weight reduction for roof-loads, and a stainless steel mesh support for ease of future maintenance.

Permeable Proflow Pavers™ Reduce Storm Water Runoff

Black Locust Lumber offers ProFlow Permeable Pavers, a patent-pending design utilizing Black Locust, which is naturally rot-resistant. Black Locust Permeable Pavers ProFlow™ panels are available in a variety of models, including Roofline, a lightweight version ideal for green-blue roof applications.

Project Spotlight: Black Locust Lumber

In the past few weeks at Life’sWork, we’ve been very busy working with Black Locust Lumber to create over 135 Proflow pavers that will be used as earth-friendly walkways in parks around the world. It’s one of the many ways that we are working to develop a thriving community!

Cherry Road elementary school. Westhill central school district

Sustainability was the key goal in designing the 32,000 square foot addition to the historic Cherry Road Elementary School, located within the close-knit Westvale neighborhood of Syracuse, NY.

Northpark Center Welcomes Treehouse’s Sustainable Home of the Future​

If you stopped by the shopping center this weekend, you may have noticed a new addition to EastCourt, on Level One near Dillard’s. Environmentally-focused home improvement retailer TreeHouse built a one-of-a-kind Sustainable Home of the Future, on view now exclusively at NorthPark.

New Timber Permeable Pavers Ameliorate Urban Heat Island Effect

A new building product from the US promises to provide a sustainable way to stop flooding, replenish groundwater and reduce the urban heat island effect in our cities. Robinia Permeable Pavers are a carbon-neutral timber permeable paver made from cubes of the highly durable and rot-resistant Black Locust tree, supported by a stainless-steel mesh base.

2015 Top 10 Green Spa Awards​

Body Holiday | St. Lucia
An innovative modern collection of herbal remedies based on traditional healing practices from around the world. Body and muscle care, essential oils, infused honeys and aromatherapy that inspire overall well-being. Crafted by herbalist, aromatherapist and clinical esthetician Barbara Close…..

Architect's Newspaper “Shuffle The Deck” Pages 12-13

This annual landscape issue, we will be delving into what makes public and outdoor green space both memorable and enjoyable.

Northpark Center Welcomes Treehouse’s Sustainable Home of the Future

If you stopped by the shopping center this weekend, you may have noticed a new addition to EastCourt, on Level One near Dillard’s. Environmentally-focused home improvement retailer TreeHouse built a one-of-a-kind Sustainable Home of the Future, on view now exclusively at NorthPark.

Nuovi Materiali Sostenibili: Il Caso della Central Euro University (ITA)

Da Budapest, in Ungheria, arriva un bell’esempio di “green architecture“: stiamo parlando del nuovo campus della Central European University, ateneo storico della città che, in seguito alla sua recente espansione, ha scelto di riqualificare spazi ed edifici creando un unico “centro pulsante” in grado di ospitare e interconnettere tutte le attività che si svolgono all’interno del contesto universitario.

CitiLog Newark Urban Sawmill

CitiLog was started in 1991- we are widely regarded as one of the most experienced wood upcycling and repurposing companies in the country. Thousands of trees in urban and suburban areas are cut down each year due to age, disease, storm damage, and development. CitiLog’s mission is not only to repurpose or upcycle this urban wood.

US Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter Honors Award Winners at 10th Anniversary Gala & Awards Dinner

These projects represent a wide range of topics, from urban green jobs and brownfield redevelopment (CitiLogs) to the first LEED Platinum® special needs school in the country (Center for Lifelong Learning).

Newark sawmill turns city trees into lumber

In his youth in Ontario, Stubby Warmbold was a lumberjack in the north woods. Now the trees come to him — and from unlikely sources. When a storm blows down a big tree in a Newark park or a contractor has to cut one down in the suburbs of Bergen County, the trees are taken to Warmbold’s sawmill in Newark.

New Jersey sawmills make move into city, out of forests

It looks like any sawmill in the forest — piles of cherry, walnut and oak tree trunks stacked high, trucks rumbling in and out, workers operating a saw. There’s one exception though: There’s seemingly no forest near its location, right off the highway in New Jersey’s largest city.

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