Your checklist on everything you need to know before ordering from Black Locust Lumber

April 23, 2024

Everything you need to know when ordering Black Locust Lumber for a commercial boardwalk or a residential decking project.

Whether you’re working on a commercial boardwalk project or a residential decking project you might want to seek more information before ordering from Black Locust Lumber. We prepared a checklist that will help you determine all aspects of your Black Locust Lumber order. We hope the information here on board lengths, grading, shipping and finish will support you in making an educated decision.

Your 5-point checklist before ordering Black Locust Lumber

  1. What Black Locust board length shall I order?

Over the past decades of our experience with Black Locust wood, we have achieved many award-winning commercial and residential projects by assisting and fulfilling custom designs. Since Black Locust Lumber is a custom manufacturer we offer you greater flexibility in your design choices than a traditional lumber yard. This will allow your design professional to explore creative ideas and achieve a distinctive finished look. 

Ordering Black Locust Lumber decking boards from a custom saw mill gives you the freedom of going beyond the standards.

  1. What lumber grading will work best for my project?

Black Locust is a beautiful and durable type of wood with very special characteristics. Due to its characteristics we advise not to turn to NHLA’s grading system when selecting the right grade for Black Locust. Instead we have developed our own grading rules over 20 years ago to ensure you receive the best quality wood. Please check our grade guide to learn more about Black Locust Lumber grading.

Black Locust Lumber decking boards require a unique grading system to ensure the highest of quality.

  1. Which fasteners should I use on my Black Locust deck?

Once you have selected the length and grading of your board, all there is left to do is decide on your finish which depends on what fasteners you will be using. There are several fastening systems that will work with Black Locust Lumber decking. Hidden fastening systems allow you to build a strong deck that compliments your deck’s clean design. No matter if your fastener requires grooved boards, or even Tongue-And-Groove (T&G) porch decking, just let us know, at Black Locust Lumber we are able to accomodate all needs. We provide the same price no matter what finish you require for your preferred fastening system. 

  1. Do you ship Black Locust Lumber to my country?

Black Locust Lumber is a global corporation with sawmills and supply operations across multiple continents. Our saw mills and key manufacturing functions are located in both the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina) and in Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania) with wooden pavers assembly in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Germany. Our corporation has established relationships with transportation companies all over the world to expedite project needs. This means we are able to meet your Black Locust Lumber requirements and sustainable goals on a global level from our closest manufacturing facility to your location worldwide. 

Black Locust Lumber facilities worldwide allow us to offer the service on a global level.

  1. Tell us about your project

The heart and soul of our corporation is our passion for the wonderful Black Locust wood. Black Locust Lumber founders Stubby D. Warmbold and Maria Warmbold have built up a lifetime’s worth of experience with the wood. So if you still have questions do not hesitate to reach out. We are your go to people in the Black Locust Lumber industry. Stubby has a history of working in forestry and the wood industry for the past 30+ years. Maria’s expertise in design elevates Black Locust Lumber into an architectural product studio. 

Black Locust Lumber founders, Stubby D. Warmbold and Maria Warmbold have built up a lifetime's worth of experience Black Locust wood. 

Combining the lumber and design expertise of our founders, Black Locust Lumber offers you a unique array of Black Locust Specialists who will assist you in bringing your architectural or residential decking vision to life. You are the artist and we are your paintbrush, we bring the experience.

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