Experience, knowledge, quality, expertise: The foundation which is Black Locust Lumber.

Reference Image for deckings by Black Locust Lumber
Reference Image for deckings by Black Locust Lumber
Reference Image for deckings by Black Locust Lumber

ProFlow Pavers™

A sustainable drainage system that uses Black Locust Lumber to achieve the highest environmental standards.

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“Driving innovation by creating sustainable Black Locust products that capture and store carbon with a positive impact on the built environment.”


Black Locust Lumber is a sustainable business that achieves the highest environmental standards in our progressive industry.

At our manufacturing facilities, our philosophy is zero-waste. We are capable of utilising every piece of lumber for different projects and products. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows us to be involved with the wood during every step of the process. All of our products are 100% Lacey Act Comliant FSC certified material is available upon specification. Black Locust Lumber can serve all your project needs on a global scale.

Our mission

Black Locust Lumber products are manufactured by years of experience with working with the highest quality standards in both materials and craftsmanship.

These stardards are also recognized by both our social and environmental responsibility whihc we respect and is consistend with our company's environmental and sustainable management operation. Working with wood and other natural materials helps to develop a level of patience and tolerance, with an appreciation of approximation.

The Founders

D. Stubby Warmbold, of Black Locust Lumber, has a history of working within the wood industry from his early years of forestry in Canada to his pioneering developments in urban forestry in the United States. He is a true believer in adding value to underutilized forestry sources.

Maria Warmbold's expertise in fashion and design has elevated Black Locust Lumber into an architectural product studio. Their lifelong mission is to create sustainable wood products while giving back to the communities in which both the people and the trees are grown.

Founders of Black Locust lumber


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