3+1 tips to finding the best Black Locust Lumber supplier 

April 23, 2024

Elevate your evolving architectural design with a sustainable Black Locust Lumber supplier

Finding the right partner in supplying high quality Black Locust Lumber for your global or local architectural project is crucial. Saving time and costs is one aspect but making sure the wood is incorporated flawlessly in your design is a whole new level which requires an expert in wood.  

Having deep roots in forestry and a history in working in the wood industry we have gathered a list of aspects worth considering when picking a Black Locust Lumber supplier.

  1. Tip #1: Find a Black Locust Lumber supplier with global shipping

Just like so many other walks of business and the world, the architecture community is also becoming a global one. As an architect you can live and work from Los Angeles, USA and do a design in Shanghai, China. There is an ever growing need for a global supply network in the architectural and design community.

This requires a Black Locust lumber global supplier, that has production facilities in several parts of the world. Keeping in mind, our design professionals work on a global scale. Black Locust Lumber is the only one in the industry to have our own production sites in North America and Europe. When partnering with Black Locust Lumber, you are collaborating with a firm whose  priorities are reducing its carbon footprint and optimizing production waste for greater use and value. We understand your sustainable design goals.

We are honored to have worked on global architectural projects and delivered Black Locust Lumber decking and Permeable Proflow PaversTM solutions in South Korea, China, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, United States and Canada. 

  1. Tip #2: Skip the supply chain and have total control of the production

The supply chain process for acquiring lumber is normally long and expensive. If you as an architect would like to save time and costs on your architectural design project, it is better to skip the “line” and work with a supplier that has end-to-end total control of the production. 

Traditional lumber supply chain vs end-to-end production with Black Locust Lumber

The more hands your black locust lumber goes through - from loggers to the saw mill, from a remanufacturer to a wholesaler and a retailer - the more expensive it is going to be. By talking directly to us, you will be buying straight from the mill. This gives you better quality control, cost efficiency and a partner who will be assisting you in your new and evolving work.

  1. Tip #3: Customize Black Locust Lumber products to achieve impeccable design

One size does not fit all. Involving a creative custom saw mill from the beginning will ensure that the wood incorporated will highlight your architectural design project. Mass-produced wood material will be harder to integrate into your design and require involving further time and effort to craft to your liking. 

Our team at Black Locust Lumber has the capability to take on creative project work and manufacture custom sizes that will blend in perfectly with your overall design. 

Black Locust Lumber Decking at FaceBook Headquarters, Menlo Park, California

We are proud to have had a chance to provide amongst others custom Black Locust broadwalks, deckings, rainscreens and site furnishings for prominent projects in the past such as  Google’s, Assembly At North First, in San Jose, California, and FaceBook Main Campus in Menlo Park, California and more. 

+1 Tip: Consult with an expert in wood & design

Picture having a partner whose roots go deep in forestry and who has the knowledge and understanding how you can incorporate wood in your sustainable architecture projects. 

Black Locust Lumber founder Stubby D. Warmbold has a history of working in the wood industry from his early years of forestry in Canada to his pioneering developments in urban forestry in the United States [hyperlink: https://www.nj.com/business/2012/08/got_trees_newark_sawmill_seeks.html]. Maria Warmbold’s expertise in design elevates Black Locust Lumber into an architectural product studio. 

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Black Locust Lumber ProFlow Pavers RoofTop at Central European University, Budapest Hungary

Consulting with global design professionals to achieve the best possible solutions of incorporating wood into their designs is what Black Locust Lumber is most passionate about.

To sum up, partnering up with a Black Locust Lumber global supplier will give you the advantage of having total control over the production and quality of the wood material. This will not only give you ease of mind, save you time and energy but also will prove to be a more cost-efficient route. If you wish to elevate your design, your best bet is to go with a supplier that has roots in the wood industry and will have the knowledge of how to achieve that flawless finish you are looking for.

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