Pocket park ideas with Black Locust Lumber

April 23, 2024

Pocket park design ideas with sustainable Black Locust Lumber, with which you can bring the most out of designing a city oasis.

Pocket parks also known as mini-parks are small outdoor spaces located in urban areas. They are green spaces referred to as an oasis accessible for the general public. Pocket parks are created on single vacant building lots or small irregular pieces of land. These small spaces are usually around ½ of an acre (~2000 square meters) and therefore, need to be carefully designed. Pocket parks ensure residents have adequate opportunities for exposure to nature and offer children an opportunity for an area of play. It is thus necessary to use green building lumber materials as close to nature as possible. In our blog, we gathered pocket park design ideas with sustainable Black Locust Lumber, with which you can bring the most out of designing a city oasis. 

Designing pocket parks

When designing a pocket park, several aspects need to be taken into consideration to provide maximum benefit to the community. They are created to regenerate run-down areas, make communities safer and more sociable and support the overall ecology of the surrounding environment. Therefore using sustainable materials like Black Locust Lumber will allow a polished and natural finish to the area. 

Site Furnishing Looped In benches made of Black Locust lumber in University City District, Philadelphia

Pocket park pathway pavers

Pocket parks are recreational areas where people come to switch off and take small walks. If you are designing a landscape element that people will walk on, you will want to choose pavers that are comfortable for strolling. An obvious choice might be gravel or stone. 

Keeping in mind that yes, the pavers are beautiful, however, stone and gravel are not as effective they are messy when you think of public spaces.  If you are looking for a more inventive and sustainable look for your pocket park landscaping project we suggest going for wood pavers. 

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of sustainable Black Locust Lumber are the new and inventive trend when designing urban green spaces.Black Locust Lumber’s ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is a green lumber solution that is cool and soft on the feet. 

Black Locust hardwood pathway pavers surface. Google, Assembly at North First, San José, CA

Pocket park site furnishings

Pocket parks can be used for taking lunch breaks, catching up with friends and neighbors or even for small community gatherings. Therefore it is essential to install compatible site furnishing that will support community needs. Black Locust Lumber is becoming popular for exterior usage in architecture. It is the perfect type of wood for Site Furnishings such as benches due to its beauty, the durability of 50+ years, and sustainability. To compare Black Locust with other hardwood materials, take a look at our grade guide.

Pocket park concept with Black Locust playground equipment and Permeable Proflow Pavers

Pocket park play area with permeable pavers

Pocket parks can also be designed to be used as play areas. Playgrounds often struggle with water staying trapped on the surface area after storms and rain. Unabsorbed rain makes it difficult for children to play on the grounds. Proflow Permeable Pavers are an effective paving solution for reducing the impact of flooding. They allow the water to be absorbed in the ground therefore children will play in an environment that is slip-resistant and generally safe for outdoor play.

Black Locust Lumber has an impressive portfolio including urban green spaces, sustainable playgrounds, botanical gardens, and parks. Contact us to elevate your pocket park sustainable design project with Black Locust Decking, Proflow Permeable Pavers, Site Furnishings, Architectural Elements green lumber products.

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