A Guide to Sustainable Paving Systems: ProFlow Permeable Pavers™

April 23, 2024

Get to know the ultimate green and innovative paving solution known as ProFlow Permeable Pavers™. Learn all about how it works, what material it is made of, and how it is produced.

Sustainable paving systems are both beneficial for their surroundings and at the same time produced in a way that reduces waste and saves energy. These paving systems are permeable, so they allow water to infiltrate the pavement and drain into the ground underneath. 

In our sustainable paving systems guide, we will introduce the ultimate green and innovative paving solution known as ProFlow Permeable Pavers™. You will learn about how it works, what material it is made of, and how it is produced. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision if ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is the right type of sustainable paving system for your next landscaping project. 

How do permeable paving systems work? What benefits do permeable pavers provide over traditional paving methods?

Permeable pavers have become increasingly popular in sustainable architectural projects over the past years. The reason is that permeable surfaces are just as durable as traditional paving systems, but have a much better impact on the environment. 

Sustainable paving systems are best used in urban environments as they reduce stormwater run-off.

Permeable surfaces allow water to penetrate into the ground underneath creating a cooling effect. Traditional hardscape surfaces such as concrete and asphalt collect stormwater which usually results in pools and even flooding in cities. 

Permeable pavers meet regulations to improve stormwater management. This characteristic makes it especially fit for urban areas that are affected by increased heat and occasional flooding. 

What wood material are ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of?

Wood material may be a surprising choice at first glance for a paving solution. However, using wood has been recognized by green building rating systems as a go-to material with better impact on the environment than traditional hardscape materials.

Obviously, you will find yourself asking the question just how durable wood may be as a paving material. And with good reason. Should you select the wrong type of wood, it will result in early decay. Selecting the right type of wood, however, will provide you with a durable surface for a minimum of 20-25 years. Not to mention a visually pleasing one. 

Black Locut Lumber is the best type of wood for sustainable paving systems.

The best type of wood for exterior landscaping projects is Black Locust wood. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of Black Locust lumber have rot-resistant and anti-fungal properties without the help of toxic chemicals. To maintain its natural beauty, no oils, stains, or paint are necessary. 

And how about its surface strength? Compared to concrete pavers’ compressive strength of 55.158.058 Pascals, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ exceed 70.188.629 Pascals. This video shows a 60-ton crane driving over ProFlow Permeable Pavers™.

How are ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ produced?

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are manufactured to high standards, creating a durable and uniform product. Wood pavers have a low carbon footprint due to the purity of the product. They are minimally processed during manufacturing. No chemicals or high energy intensive production methods are not required to produce it compared to other paver materials. Thus CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are manufactured to high standards, creating a durable and uniform product.

The manufacturer’s philosophy has always been to build a sustainable business with producing zero-waste wood products. Today with ProFlow Permeable Pavers™  every piece of lumber gets utilized and is manufactured worldwide by social community partners

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ products provide meaningful employement opportunities for communities such as Life’s Work

Are ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ FSC certified?

What does it mean when a product, like pavers are referred to as FSC Certified? A product can be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it meets the "gold standard" ethical production. The wood used for the product  is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Black Locust Lumber Global’s ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are made of Black Locust lumber that is harvested in well-managed forests. This means the wood comes from a reliable source and will be a pure addition to your sustainable landscape architectural project.

Should you choose a sustainable paving system?

If durability, stormwater management, and aesthetics are important factors to your landscaping project, then ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are a smart choice. If sustainability and protecting the environment are important, then ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is a necessity. For more information about the different designs of ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ learn more by clicking here.

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