Beautiful pavers landscaping ideas you will love

April 26, 2024

Three beautiful pavers landscaping ideas that can upgrade your home's entire aesthetic by adding color and texture to your yard.

Whether it's a front lawn, a romantic paved pathway, or an appealing terrace design, wood paver landscapes benefit from the same attention to detail as your home's interior. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of Black Locust wood keep your natural surroundings’ aesthetically untouched yet perfectly organized. Here are three beautiful pavers landscaping ideas that can upgrade your home's entire aesthetic by adding color and texture to your yard. 

Tree pits with pavers

Trees need regular and deep watering. So if you have a tree in your backyard and consider surrounding it with a paved area, make sure you add a porous surface around the tree. Traditional hardscape surfaces like stone and concrete are unable to allow the water to be absorbed. On the other hand, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ tree pits have a porous surface and act like the natural ground allowing water to be absorbed.

 ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ tree pits allow rainwater to be absorbed into the ground, allowing trees to thrive. 

Terrace made of pavers

For most of us, our backyard is our safe haven. The place we go to enjoy undisturbed peace and quiet. Nature is the best medicine and our mood improves as we spend time outside. Even if we are in a built environment, keeping our surroundings as close to nature as possible is vital. Select materials in your backyard landscaping project that reflect nature. When paving over larger surfaces, like a terrace or patio, pick sustainable and long-lasting Black Locust wood pavers. Black Locust wood by its natural composition provides an organic cooling surface compared to other materials, which makes it pleasant to walk on even in the summer heat.

Pavers landscaping ideas for your terrace with ProFlow Permeable Pavers™.

Spruce things up and give the backyard patio area an elegant finish by naturally coloring your wood ProFlow Permeable Pavers™. There is a sustainable way of coloring wood pavers called Shou Sugi Ban technique. The ancient Japanese technique means charring of the wood for the aesthetic quality of the blackened look, and also longevity. 

Shou Sugi Ban technique is used to naturally pigment wood pavers.
Chateau Hanare | West Hollywood, CA

Walkway pavers

Your backyard landscaping is not complete without walkways connecting different areas. Walkways should provide easy strolling across the lawn without trampling plants. They provide direction through the garden, and keep our feet dry. Impermeable hardscape surfaces such as asphalt prevent rain from being absorbed. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ allow water to be absorbed in the ground much faster, thus providing a dry surface to walk on.

 ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of wood absorb rainwater faster than asphalt.

Lisburne Lane | Private Residence

Walkways can be a place of relaxation. Adding benches creates an opportunity for contemplation, with different views at each resting point along the path. A pathway can serve as a feature itself: circular labyrinth paths provide a relaxing activity for residents. 

Strolling in nature increases well-being.
PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW 2021 | Austen Camille Weymueller | Refugia Design

To sum up wood pavers will provide a more sustainable, comfortable, and natural environment than man-made materials.  With some planning and imagination, you can create a beautiful landscape for your backyard with wood pavers.

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