5 Benefits of Installing Black Locust Wood Walkway Pavers

April 23, 2024

These are 5 benefits of installing wood walkway pavers that will help give you a better idea of what’s possible for your landscaping project.

Part of a good landscaping project usually includes a way to access certain points of the area, whether it be through walkways, paths, or cultivated areas. While we are accustomed to installing wooden decking, we then end up using a different pavers material to connect other areas of the space.

However, by using wooden pavers, you may actually be able to lessen the maintenance requirements and add greater dimension to your landscape’s design. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are made of Black Locust wood, the perfect type of wood for exterior paving projects and sustainable landscape architecture. These are 5 benefits of installing ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ for your walkway that will help give you a better idea of what’s possible for your landscaping project.

  1. Low maintenance costs due to Black Locust wood characteristics

Black Locust wood walkway pavers naturally have rot-resistant, and anti-fungal properties without the help of toxic chemicals. In fact, no oils, stains, or paint are necessary to maintain the wood’s beauty. This means reduced maintenance costs for your walkway area. In return, Black Locust lumber will have a natural life span greater than 50 years. Black Locust is a type of wood that deserves to be in the exteriors due to its longevity.

  1. Permeability of walkway pavers reduce flooding

Black Locust wood pavers are permeable and allow water that accumulates to drain through the surface and into the ground. This helps to prevent flooding and the heat-island effect. Installing ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ to your landscape will eliminate costly drainage systems.

  1. The natural beauty of wooden walkway pavers

Nothing compares to the natural beauty of wood. Upon installation, Black Locust wooden walkway pavers will have a yellow to light brown color. Over time, due to exposure to the natural environment, they will develop a silver-gray patina. Permeable wood walkway pavers are a popular choice for sustainable landscape architecture projects because this natural element will add greater dimension to your landscape’s design. They are the new design direction when designing urban green spaces, playgrounds, and green rooftops.

  1. Wooden walkway pavers are cool on the feet

When selecting what material to use for your walkway pavers, you should be asking yourself the following important question: How do the pavers feel underfoot? If you’re building a landscape feature that people will regularly walk on, you will want to choose pavers that are comfortable for walking.

  1. Easy installation due to a modular design

Selecting walkway pavers with the appropriate aesthetics to realize your vision should be at the top of your list. But another important aspect for planning is the installation itself. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are extremely easy to install. They have a modular design and come in setts, that are made up of multiple Black Locust blocks attached to a recycled wire mesh. This allows the panels to be laid next to each other over large areas for quick and simple installation finished off with a ROMEX joint mortar. Make sure to store extra pavers in the event that a repair may be needed or you choose to add on to your walkway at a later time.

Choosing a wooden paver walkway paver will create a beautiful addition to your landscaping and bring life to the outdoors. You will encourage use of the area, drawing people along the pavers to take in their surroundings in a more personal way. Enhance both the look and the function of your space and let us help you elevate your landscape architectural design to the next level.

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