Three reasons to consider Black Locust Site Furnishings for sale

April 23, 2024

Black Locust Site Furnishings for sale: exterior benches and seating for urban green spaces, rooftops and parks.

When Black Locust wood is cut professionally, truly magical Architectural Elements come to life. We have already written about how Black Locust is a perfect type of wood for decking projects and as a cool pavement solution. Now we would like to venture into Black Locust Site Furnishings made of a naturally long-lasting and rot-resistant wood.

Are you working on creating an urban green space or a rooftop project? Are you looking for green elements to elevate your design? We just might have the perfect flawless finish you are looking for. We have gathered three reasons to choose Black Locust wood as a Site Furnishings material. 


Black Locust Lumber exterior benches at Dineen Hall, Syracuse University College of Law

Reason #1: Black Locust Site Furnishings global shipping

In the past years, we have worked on several Black Locust Decking and Site Furnishings projects that have required global shipping. We have experienced over and over that the architecture community is becoming a global one. As an architect, you can live and work from Los Angeles, USA, and do a design in Shanghai, China.

There is an ever-growing need for a global supply network in the architectural and design community. With our own Black Locust production sites in North America and Europe, we provide global shipping on our Black Locust Lumber products. We are proud to have collaborated with our Black Locust products on architecture projects in South Korea, China, the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean, United States, and Canada.

Reason #2: Black Locust furnishings durability of 50+ years

Black Locust Lumber is becoming very popular for exterior use in architecture. It is the perfect type of wood for Site Furnishings. This is due to its beauty, durability of 50+ years, and sustainability. 

Benches and Site Furnishings made of Black Locust wood in University City District, Philadelphia

Black Locust Lumber is naturally rot resistant and is naturally chemical free. When Black Locust Lumber is installed, it requires little to no maintenance. Black Locust is a hardwood that keeps its attractive appearance without the help of toxic chemicals or oils. If you are interested in comparing Black Locust to other hardwoods, take a look at our grade guide.

Reason #3: LEED certification with a sustainable Black Locust Lumber furnishings

Black Locust Lumber is 100% recyclable which can lessen the impact on the environment. Because of its natural rot resistance, Black Locust Lumber is a good choice for Site Furnishings, Elevated Walkways and Decking in and around waterfronts, marine environments for future sustainable urban design. Many prominent projects have used Black Locust furnishings that have since earned LEED certifications

Black Locust Lumber benches at MIRA Tower rooftop, San Francisco

Our Black Locust Site Furnishing can green urban spaces like MIRA Tower in San Francisco which aims to the certification goal of LEED Gold. Upcycling trees at Queens Botanical Garden and bringing them back as lumber to create Site Furnishings has added to the project becoming the first LEED Platinum public space in New York City.


Black Locust wood is a green, renewable source of carbon-sequestering building material that will help address environmental, social, and economic issues. It can also satisfy prerequisites and earn points towards LEED, BREEAM, and Living Building Challenge certifications. If you are looking for Black Locust Site Furnishings for sale and agree it is perfect for green projects in architecture, get in touch with us.

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