Boardwalks & Decking

Black Locust Lumber has been specified and has produced some of the most prominent decking projects globally. Our decades of experience and knowledge allows us to assist you with your projects.

Boardwalks & Decking

Black Locust Lumber boardwalks and decking are naturally durable, slip-resistant, and maintenance-free. It is NOT required to use chemicals, oils, or any other additives. Black Locust Lumber has an extensive portfolio including, presidential libraries, higher education campuses, botanical gardens, wetland pathways, and parks.

Black Locust decking is the sustainable alternative to tropical, composite, chemically treated, and thermally modified decking, the ultimate advantage is its longevity and minimal maintenance requirement. Black Locust boardwalks and decking are produced from sustainably sourced Black Locust hardwood. With no health and safety issues, this makes it ideally suited for use in commercial, public, and residential areas. Black Locust Lumber is your experienced source when it comes to BREEAM, LEED Projects, Living Building Challenge, and FSC® Certification.


  • Grading


The grades are based on the percentage of clear, defect-free wood in the board. With Premium Grade, each piece is individually inspected to ensure premium quality, durability and appearance. Visually, Black Locust is known for its knots, mineral streaks, checks, minor grub holes, and bark insertions. To ensure superior appearances, only the most appealing pieces qualify as Premium Grade. Sound included knots, 3″ in diameter and less, minor mineral streaks and small bark insertions are admitted to highlight characteristics of the Black Locust species. Checks less than 1/12th of the board length are also admitted.


Black Locust is rot-resistant due to its natural genetic makeup. Natural rot-resistance, water-resistance, and anti-fungal properties give Black Locust a lifetime of 50+ years. Its durability and strength make it an excellent and long-lasting landscape surface.

Heat Island Effect

The light color and material properties of Black Locust make it a cooler alternative to concrete and other landscape surfaces, thus reducing the heat island effect. The heat island effect is the difference in temperature between a developed area and natural area. The addition of plants or moss between the pavers can help further reduce the heat absorbed by the ground covering.

Carbon Positive Product

Black Locust has many environmental advantages. Carbon sequestration occurs naturally in Black Locust, and its durability allows this sequestration to exceed beyond 50+ years. Our Black Locust products are minimally processed during the manufacturing, therefore, our CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.

Chemical Free

Black Locust is 100% naturally rot resistant. No enhancement products such as oils, stains, or paints are required to maintain the beauty and longevity of Black Locust Material. By utilizing additives, this creates required maintenance to the wood. The UV denigration of oiled, paint, and or stained Black Locust Material will Be subject to frequent maintenance to restore evenness to the overall color.


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