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We plant three trees for every single one we harvest. During production, all by-products such as chips and sawdust are utilised for further recovery.

Of course! Our materials are FSC certified. While North American sales targets LEED certified constructions, the main focus of European activities are the BREEAM rated projects. These certifications ensure responsibly harvested wood with proper environmental policies followed.

Absolutely! We have a Youtube channel with tons of video resources.

Black locust products can help in surface temperature reduction of 4 degrees below that of concrete and asphalt surfaces. Our ProFlow™ Permeable Pavers help ensure water management and rainwater collection and evapor transformation can also aid in reducing the heat island effect.

Composite plastic wood decking surface has its pros and cons.

They come in a variety of colors and textures. However, the cons might surprise you. Composite products actually cost more than standard lumber and its surface can get extremely hot in the summer.

Other drawbacks include noticeable surface damage that are difficult to repair without replacing individual deck boards which might leave you with uneven color throughout your deck. From an environmental perspective it is extremely difficult to recycle because of its chemical composition.

Here is a comparison of different decking materials.

It is not included but we strongly recommend using our tried and trusted partner for projects. Romex is a trusted manufacturer that carries a line of permeable paver fillers that allow for maximum permeability and minimum maintenance requirements. For residential uses the choice of fillers can be gravel, recycled glass, dirt, moss or any permeable filler.

The pavers are guaranteed for as long as 25 years. They are rot-resistant, chemical-free and may require either a powerwash or a good sweeping once a year.

Over time the pavers will develop a silvery-grey patina naturally from the disposure of the UV radiation of the sun.

If you use Romex filler products you can wear anything you desire. 5 of our 6 models are ADA compliant and the pavers have a higher slip resistance than concrete or asphalt surfaces. They have a beautiful natural appearance and even your high heels won’t get stuck in them!

Check out this grade guide for all Black Locust technical specifications.

No, the pavers are able to perform perfectly in any weather conditions.



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