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3+1 tips to finding the best Black Locust Lumber supplier Elevate your evolving architectural design with a sustainable Black Locust Lumber supplier Finding the right partner in supplying high-quality Black Locust Lumber for your global or local architectural project is crucial. Saving time and costs is one aspect but making sure the wood is incorporated […]

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure: The story of stumbling upon ProFlow™ Permeable Pavers


Inspired by castle pavers on a mission to becoming Zero Waste While having produced some of the most prominent decking projects globally with Black Locust Decking, our philosophy at Black Locust Lumber has always been to build a sustainable business with zero-waste in manufacturing sustainable wood products. Today with ProFlow™ Permeable Pavers we are capable […]

Are decking oils necessary?

Are decking oils necessary?

INTRODUCTION There has been  a lot of confusion in the building industry and also by environmentally conscious consumers, as to whether the use of decking oils is really necessary.  In this article I hope to enlighten and educate all those who want to avoid the use of harmful chemicals called VOC’s: (Volatile Organic Compounds). I […]


Black Locust Warranty Trusted by thousands! ProFlow Permeable Paver Warranty ™Black Locust Lumber Global Inc. Thank you for purchasing our ProFlow Permeable Paver setts. We are confident you will be happy with the quality and performance of our products and we are proud to offer to the original purchaser a non-transferable 20 Year Limited warranty. […]

Black Locust Decking… An Alternative to IPE

Black Locust Lumber decking is a product of one of America’s most unique native trees. We will attempt to guide to guide you on the pathway of making an informed decision on your next decking project. The following topics will be discussed, environmental benefits of using Black Locust Lumber decking. The health benefits, as this […]

Black Locust Lumber for sale – Ultimate Guide

Black Locust lumber has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years as the demand for green building has increased. Environmentally conscious architects, engineers and contractors are all trying to appeal to the sustainable markets. Black Locust, also known as Robinia, has become a sought after hardwood product in the design world.  Traditionally, you could […]

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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Black Locust Lumber is a sustainable business that achieves the highest environmental standards in our progressive industry. At our manufacturing facilities, our philosophy is zero-waste. We are capable of utilizing every piece of lumber for different projects and products. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows us to be involved with the wood […]


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What’s in That Pressure-Treated Wood?

That Pressure-Treated Wood

By Black Locust Lumber team Wood in contact with the ground, or above ground thatoften gets wet, will eventually be attacked by decayfungi and insects. With the exception of naturally du-rable species, such as redwood and cedar, wood usedin these applications should be pressure treated withpreservatives if it is expected to last more than a […]

Black Locust vs. Thermally Modified Wood

Black Locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia)

Black Locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia) and thermally modified wood as sustainable choices in green building By Black Locust Lumber team It is hard not to notice the explicit signs of a global paradigm shift in the building industry. The shift towards sustainable building influences timber choice, too. Non-environmental, chemically-treated wood is no longer a fancy option. […]

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