Wingfield Pines Boardwalk Pittsburgh

Wingfield Pines is a community hub for recreation and education in the immense wetlands that offer an outdoor laboratory for students and educational programs.

Wingfield Pines Boardwalk | Pittsburgh, Pa


Allegheny Land Trust.Org
Greater Pittsburgh Area, PA.

This beautiful and expansive, Black Locust Nature Boardwalk, Was Supplied By Black Locust Lumber. A Large Section, Was Lifted and Carried A Distance After A Major US Hurricane Affected The Rising Waters in 2016. After Several Months Of Searching For This Detached Section, It Was Recovered By Drone Photography, By One Of The Organization Volunteers. This Black Locust Boardwalk Section, Was Recovered In and On A Meadow Fully Intact!

Long Lived, Black Locust Can Even Stand The Test Of Severe Weather Circumstances

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