Urban Green Spaces

Black Locust Lumber has developed a wide range of green building lumber solutions for urban green spaces, parks, sustainable playgrounds, rooftops, woodlands, and more.

The 606 Bloomingdale Trail, Chicago, Illinois

Why Urban Green Spaces?

Urban Green Spaces increase the quality of urban living, enhance local resilience and promote sustainable lifestyles. They ensure residents have adequate opportunities for exposure to nature. It is therefore necessary to ensure that we use green building materials as close to nature as possible.

Black Locust is a green, renewable source of carbon-sequestering building material that will help address environmental, social and economic issues. Black Locust wood is naturally durable, rot-resistant, and maintenance-free. It is not required to use chemicals, oils, or any other additives to preserve its beauty.

Black Locust Lumber has an extensive portfolio including elevated pathways to woodlands and wetlands, green roofs, higher education campuses, sustainable playgrounds, botanical gardens, and parks. Contact us to elevate your sustainable design project with Black Locust Decking, Proflow Permeable Pavers, Site Furnishings, Architectural Elements green lumber products.

WingField Pines | Allegheny Land Trust


Black Locust is rot-resistant due to its natural genetic makeup. Natural rot-resistance, water-resistance, and anti-fungal properties give Black Locust a lifetime of 50+ years. Its durability and strength make it an excellent and long-lasting landscape surface.

Water Quality

Proflow Permeables reduce stormwater runoff and replenish groundwater systems by allowing water percolation between pavers. Pollutants are filtered out during natural bio-filtering processes, improving water quality. In addition, permeability reduces flooding and refreezing. Water infiltration rates of up to 123 inches per hour can be achieved using joint filler ASTM No.8.

Heat Island Effect

The light color and material properties of Black Locust make it a cooler alternative to concrete and other landscape surfaces, thus reducing the heat island effect. The heat island effect is the difference in temperature between a developed area and natural area. The addition of plants or moss between the pavers can help further reduce the heat absorbed by the ground covering.

Carbon Positive Product

Black Locust has many environmental advantages. Carbon sequestration occurs naturally in Black Locust, and its durability allows this sequestration to exceed beyond 50 years. Our Black Locust products are minimally processed during the manufacturing, therefore, our CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.


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