Black Locust Lumber works with Black Locust and other natural materials to assist in developing a level of patience and tolerance, with an appreciation of approximation.

The Future

Black Locust Lumber aspires to become a true circular economy by providing educational and employment opportunities to underserved communities globally, through the production of Black Locust products. Black Locust products are manufactured by years of experience working with the highest quality standards in both materials and craftsmanship. These standards are also recognized by both our social and environmental responsibility, which we respect and is consistent with our company’s environmental and sustainable management operation.

The Mission

The attributes of Black Locust are seemingly endless and yet today, few people are aware of it. On a sustainable level, Black Locust continues to push the boundaries as a green building material. The tree grows faster than any other known durable hardwood in comparison to the hundreds of years of growth for tropical species. As well as giving back to the environment, we pride ourselves in giving back to the communities we work with. At our manufacturing sites, we work to teach our employees tangible job training skills they can apply to the real world.

The Partnerships

Black Locust Lumber has partnered with Build Industries of San Fernando Valley, California. Build Industries is a non-profit workshop program dedicated to preparing developmentally disabled adults to provide an opportunity to achieve their individual employment goals. Life’s Work, a non-profit, whose mission is to increase the quality of life of person’s with disabilities and other barriers to employment through productive employment opportunities. AWO (Workers’ Welfare) AWO Senior and Social Center GmbH based in Leipzig, Germany is a modern service company helping the elderly and disabled people of West Saxony.
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