Permeable Proflow Pavers™

A natural lifetime application for stormwater management, Black Locust Lumber has many patent-pending designs using Black Locust for the collection of Permeable Proflow Pavers™.

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™

A patent-pending design utilizing Black Locust, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are naturally rot-resistant for a lifetime. In stormwater management applications, the pavers reduce runoff volume and rate, filter pollutants, and help restore and recharge groundwater resources while reducing the heat island effect. As compared with alternatives, Permeable Proflow Pavers™ are sustainably manufactured with minimum CO2 emissions and naturally sequester carbon. Our paver setts are available in custom sizes as well as FSC® certified. Permeable Proflow Pavers™ can satisfy prerequisites and earn points towards LEED, BREEAM, and Living Building Challenge certifications.


    • Roofline: Lightweight for green-blue roof applications, ADA compliant, repairable design.
    • Micro: Ideal for beach accesses, durable in marine environments, ADA compliant.
    • Equine: Low slippage, ideal for horse stalls and stables, allows for natural biological waste decomposition, ADA compliant.
    • Pattern: Superior performance for snow removal, ADA compliant.
    • Hi-Traffic: Ideal for public spaces, ADA compliant.
    • Hi-Flow: Large gap size to accommodate maximum permeability, not ADA compliant.
  • Shou Sugi Ban: An ancient Japanese technique of charring wood for resistance to insects, a blackened aesthetic. Available for all models for an additional fee.
    • + Stormwater management
    • + Long term carbon sequestration
    • + Heat island effect reduction
    • + Energy efficiency increased
    • + Urban health improvements
    • + Minimum CO2 created in manufacturing
    • + Biofiltration
    • + Biomimicry
    • + Beach accesses
    • + Gardens
    • + Green roofs
    • + Horse stables
    • + Parking lots
    • + Pathways
    • + Public spaces
  • + Playgrounds 

Black Locust Permeable Proflow Pavers™ panels or setts are attached to a recycled wire mesh backing for quick and simple installation over large areas. The patent-pending Safety Edge Seal allows for increased safety, ease, and comfort during installation. The Safety Edge Seal is available on all models.

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ Assembly at North First San Jose, California, a Google project.

Health benefits with Permeable ProFlow Pavers™

Using ProFlow™ Permeable pavements in Urban Green Spaces can provide comfort benefits. Green spaces encourage people to get outside in the open. Lower surface air temperatures are more pleasant to spend time around. By using Black Locust hardwood pavers instead of concrete and asphalt, you get a more comfortable walking surface.

Assembly at North First used Permeable ProFlow Pavers™ for outdoor spaces that connect the buildings to green space and recreational opportunities by Gensler San Francisco.

Creating a cooling oasis in the urban desert with Permeable ProFlow Pavers™

Urban areas are on average 3-4 C / 37.4-39.2 F warmer than surrounding rural areas. Trees, vegetation, and permeable pavements can lower air temperatures. Permeable ProFlow Pavers™ can combat the heat island effect through evaporative cooling.

Black Locust wood by its natural composition provides an organic cooling surface compared to other materials. The water passes into the soil or supporting materials below.

Moisture within the pavement structure evaporates as the surface heats, thus creating a cooling effect.

Permeable ProFlow Pavers™ can help deal with the intensive summer heat in parks, green roofs, and urban green spaces. Maximize the benefits of permeable pavement solutions for climate change by using a sustainable wood material such as Black Locust.

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ at Chateau Hanare in West Hollywood, CA
The first stormwater schoolyard in San Francisco: Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School with ProFlow Permeable Pavers™

Reducing the impact of flooding with permeable pavers surface

By 2050 the frequency of severe flooding is expected to double. Impermeable hardscape features such as asphalt are common features in urban areas and prevent rain from being absorbed. ProFlow™ Permeable pavements allow water to be absorbed in the surrounding environment.

The ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of Black Locust integrated into the schoolyard of Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School in San Francisco is cool on the feet and a durable surface the school can count on many years to come. Its usage is perfect for stormwater management and builds greater climate resilience with a Black Locust Lumber permeable pavers surface.

Creating a more livable and durable permeable surface

There is a growing need for an alternative to concrete and asphalt and other hardscape surfaces. Why? In areas where we are encouraging children to play it is important to install cool outdoor pavement surfaces and enhance the quality of life benefits by reducing heat stress on the human body.

The chance to connect with the natural world, an endless opportunity for creativity and imagination is a benefit of outdoor play. In contrast, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ has the durability of 50+ years, which makes it an excellent and long-lasting landscape surface.

Cummins Child Development Centre – Outdoor Learning Classroom in Columbus, Indiana is covered in ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ which is cool on the feet and a durable surface.

Cummins Child Development Centre – Outdoor Learning Classroom in Columbus, Indiana covered in ProFlow Permeable Pavers™.

Black Locust ProFlow Permeable Pavers™
Brooklyn Private Residence

Finding the most sustainable permeable hardscape material

The most sustainable permeable hardscape pavers option for exterior landscape projects, is Permeable ProFlow Pavers™, as it has a reduced carbon footprint making it a carbon smart material.

Black Locust ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is trending in landscape architecture. It is the perfect wood for hardscape designs due to its natural longevity of 50+ years and water-resistant, rot-resistant, and anti-fungal properties. No oils, stains, or paint are necessary to maintain its beauty and it’s a natural product without the use of any toxic chemicals or man-made treatment methods.

Our ProFlow™ Permeable pavers are perfect for landscaping projects for urban green spaces, green roofs, driveways, playgrounds and terraces.

Benefits of ProFlow Permeable Pavers™





Hi Traffic

Hi Flow



Black Locust is rot-resistant due to its natural genetic makeup. Natural rot-resistance, water-resistance, and anti-fungal properties give Black Locust a lifetime of 50+ years. Its durability and strength make it an excellent and long-lasting landscape surface.

Water Quality

Proflow Permeables reduce stormwater runoff and replenish groundwater systems by allowing water percolation between pavers. Pollutants are filtered out during natural bio-filtering processes, improving water quality. In addition, permeability reduces flooding and refreezing. Water infiltration rates of up to 123 inches per hour can be achieved using joint filler ASTM No.8.

Heat Island Effect

The light color and material properties of Black Locust make it a cooler alternative to concrete and other landscape surfaces, thus reducing the heat island effect. The heat island effect is the difference in temperature between a developed area and natural area. The addition of plants or moss between the pavers can help further reduce the heat absorbed by the ground covering.


The Black Locust paver panels or setts (12 blocks each) are attached to a recycled wire mesh that lays flat for easy installation. The paver panels can be laid next to each other for quick and simple installation over large areas. The 3⁄8” joints are then fastened with joint filler. Our system will accommodate any joint filler.
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