Grade Guide


This product comes from the “Best of Best” Black Locust grown in the Eastern USA. Each individual piece is carefully inspected to ensure premiere quality and durability. Knots, mineral streak, checks and bark insertions do exist however, we insure that premium grade-appearance is selected to be the most appealing ones and are admitted in this grade. The most beautiful knots, 3” in diameter and less are admitted to show the real beauty of this species. Minor mineral streaks and small bark insertions are also admitted, and checks less than 1/12th of the board length are also admitted in this grade.

#1 Grade

Each individual piece is also carefully inspected to ensure quality and durability. This grade is very popular product which is noted for its outstanding durability without the premiere price. All sound knots and surface checking are admitted in this grade. All other characteristics that do not compromise the duration of this product are admitted including mineral streaking, bark insertions and small grub holes are admitted as well and can be unique to Black Locust.

Understanding Black Locust Characteristics:

Black Locust was once living. No two pieces are identical. The complex mix of characteristics that distinguish one sampling of wood can be determined by the genetics of each species. These characteristics may be common to all Black Locust, or to the individual growth, soil type or climate are therefore, specific and exclusive to one sample. Variations in color, grain pattern and presence of knots, contribute to the overall visual look and characteristics of real wood.

As the Black Locust weathers with time, it will begin to slowly develop a silvery-grey patina. This color occurs when Black Locust is exposed to elements such as UV rays, rain, snow and oxygen. The grey patina, is a natural and cannot be deferred by the application of tung oil.

If using other finishes, such as varnish or urethane, the grey patina will still occur and will cause the finish to darken. Even UV inhibitors, cannot stop the grey patina on any natural material.

Recommended Finishes for Black Locust Lumber:

If a finish is desired for a furniture item such as benches or table tops, we typically recommend using Tung Oil. Although, tung oil will not completely weather proof Black Locust, it will help to maintain the weather resistance. Tung Oil is a natural, non-toxic finish that serves to highlight the grey patterns and colors in the Locust. As tung oil soaks into the pores, it will dry with a matte finish.

All new cuts are coated with and End Sealer, called Anchor Seal. This will assist in the prevention of end checking. We recommend using this wax coating all new cuts made in the field installation to maintain the beauty and life of your product.