The Benefits of our Black Locust Permeable Paver Systems

By Black Locust Lumber team

   From the recent catastrophic fires in Australia, the eroding of the Mississippi Delta Islands due to high water levels and flooding, and the rising temperatures in Antarctica, we have reached a place where the world cannot ignore the need for innovative solutions to our ever-changing climate. At Black Locust Lumber our design teams have worked tirelessly creating and testing sustainable building products that will combat issues such as heat island effect, stormwater management, and longevity. 

   Utilizing Black Locust also known as Robinia Psuedoacacia we have produced a line of sustainable building materials that meet and exceed these needs. Our patent-pending pro flow permeable paver systems are unique in design and provide the globally conscious citizen with an aesthetically pleasing product to fulfill a need in this global crisis.

   Concrete, asphalt and other similar construction materials cause rising temperatures within the community which snowballs into higher operating costs and  taxes the natural resources of our environment. . The use of our pro flow permeable pavers brings a natural reduction in surface and radiant heat which combats the issue of  heat island effect. Wood contains natural insulation properties which causes a reduction in surface temperatures. The addition of plants or moss between the pavers can help further reduce the heat absorbed by the ground covering. This cooling effect helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint left behind as well.

   The pro flow permeable pavers are also an innovative solution that tackles the problems that arise from the issue of stormwater management. The use of our woodblock paver system will cause a reduction in flooding and pooling of water and in turn will help with refreezing.  The pro flow pavers will filter up to 123 inches of water an hour. Our unique design also allows water percolation between pavers where the natural biomimicry filtering process takes place and improves water quality. This is a return on investment that keeps on giving for the lifetime of these products and for generations to come. 

   The longevity of Black Locust is superior to most other species with a lifespan of 50 or more years and the tree can be harvested in as little as 25 years.  Due to high concentrations of natural antioxidants, Black Locust is rot-resistant, water-resistant, and contains antifungal properties as well. It requires no maintenance or oiling which makes for an environmentally conscious material that can be in service for more than 100 years. The pro flow pavers are so unique in design that they can be replaced in sections on an as-needed basis which makes them outlast even concrete landscaping. 

   At Black Locust Lumber our goal is to bring sustainable building materials to a global market. Our resources at Black Locust Lumber are used to develop and create innovative products that not only meet our client’s needs but also our environments ever-changing needs. Our pro flow permeable paver systems are rising to meet the challenges that climate change, man-made or natural, are having on our planet. We pride our company for always being on the cutting edge of solutions as well as leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible on our beautiful planet.

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