JOEL PERKOVICH, Landscape Architect

Winfield Pines Conservation Area, located in the contracted wetland of the passive

abandoned mine drainage system. This Land, is actively uses as a living. learning laboratory for all ages and allows us to get very close to the water and all its inhabitants

In Late summer of 2016, through high tides and waters rising with the Hurricane Season, a huge section of this beautiful, meandering deck, was disengaged and got washed away into the wetlands.

Assuming this section of Black Locust Boardwalk would never be recovered, the Allegheny Land Trust headed by Emily Rzotkiewicz, VP of Land Resources, contacted our company for

possible replacement. They were thinking of the use of drones to see if there was any opportunity to recover this big section of the Boardwalk that was missing.

Several months had passed, I contacted Emily Rzotkiewicz, to see if there was any hope of the recovery or if they were going to replace the missing piece. Emily, than told BLL the amazing story of the recovery. This is a truly amazing testimonial of the strength, the endurance and longevity of Black Locust, even in the worst of conditions. Thank you to the Emily and her Team at The Allegheny Land Trust for sharing this incredible story of “The Indestructible Black Locust Deck”, a great story!