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Black Locust lumber is the industry leader in producing sustainable building material using domestic black locust. As the largest producer with over 20 years experience, our company is vertically integrated from our foresters to our sales staff to service any commercial or residential application. We have worked with countless high end architectural firms and contractors nation wide bringing a level of comfort and expertise to all of our customers. From our patient pending pavers to our innovative deck tiles,  we consistently push the standards in utilizing locust We look forward to working with you on your next project.


Native to the Appalachian mountains, Black Locust is a domestic hardwood thriving on the eastern half of the country. It stands the claim of the densest rot resistant wood indigenous to the United States, paralleling the appealing properties of tropical species. Its natural characteristics make it resilient sustainable solution to the strain and impact of endangered tropical hardwoods and chemically treated lumber. Locust will have light blonde appearance eventually weathering to a silvery grey patina. The species has an extensive history of projects that document its durability. A study of Black Locust rot resistance still widely used today was published in 1949 by the U.S. Department Of Agriculture.


The attributes of this tree are seemingly endless and yet today, few people are aware of it. On a sustainable level black locust continues to push the boundaries as a green building material which aligns with the core value of our company here at Black Locust Lumber USA. The tree grows faster than any other known hardwoodin comparison to the hundreds of years of growth for tropical species. We have established a reforestation program collaborating with multiple universities, growing new trees with every order to be used in future land reclamation projects.

As well as giving back to the environment we pride ourselves in giving back to the communities we work with. At all our manufacturing sites, we work with local correction facilities to teach our employees tangible job training skills they can apply to the real world. Just as the Locust tree itself, sometimes someone is not the straightest tree in the lot but its amazing given the opportunity what someone can produce.